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We're music promoters providing top music promotion services & music submissions for indie artist marketing. Want to send music to record labels accepting demos, submit music to college radio stations, contact digital record pools, submit music to a&r's, or access one of the largest music industry contact lists around you've come to the right place.


Music promotion & submissions 24/7

We're musicians & industry professionals who know that finding music submission opportunities is the first step in being discovered. Our unique system finds opportunities for our members such as indie record labels that accept demos or radio stations that accept submissions. How to get your song on the radio requires submitting music to radio stations, and we have the music industry contacts to make that happen.

17 categories of opportunities at your fingertips

We find who's looking for music so you don't have to. Get direct access to music submission contact info, no middle man.


Submission Opportunities

We have music blogs submissions, commercial & college radio, social media, live events, dj record pools, mixtapes & contests, A&R's and more.

Legal Docs

Access documents that can help further your career like split sheets,agreements,contracts,beat licensing,royalties 24/7

Upload Your Music

We are also a music social network where every member gets their own profile page. Upload your own music, make industry connections, links with other artists, and share music with our music lovers who visit our popular music entertainment blog.

1,000's of Contacts

We're unique because we are NOT a talent agency & NOT a listing service, instead we find you music submission opportunities & put them all in one place. That means you get direct access to contact info and don't need to submit your music through us. The power is yours!

Active monthly updates

Our database of opportunities are constantly growing. We're not just hip hop music promotion, we're the best music promotion services that promotes all music. Every month you will get new updated links as well as zero day 24/7 updates for other submission opportunities as they appear online. With Beatscore your music is always connected.


Want to get your music heard?

Get direct access with industry professionals from DJ record pools, radio, the best indie music blogs and much more. If you're asking "how to get my music heard?", no secrets, we show you the contact links, giving YOU direct access to websites of top DJs, A&Rs, Radio, Blogs & more. Submit your song and get your music heard!


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